Jonas Lefvert Game Themes

Game Themes

Battlefield 1 (Main Theme) $ 3,00

Battletoads (Surf City)$ 3,00

Castlevania II (Bloody Tears)

Dark Souls (Firelink Shrine) $ 3,00

Diablo (Tristram)

Diablo 2 (Rogue Encampment)

Diablo 3 (I Am Justice)

Fable 3 (Reaver Mansion) $5,00

Faxanadu (Password Screen)

Final Fantasy (Town) $ 3,00

Final Fantasy Adventure (Mission of Mana) $ 2,00

Final Fantasy Adventure (Main Title)

Hearthstone (Dancing Dead)$ 5,00

Heroes of Might and Magic III (Snow Theme)

Kingdom Hearts (Xion’s Theme) $5,00

Legend of Mana (Nocturne) $3,00

Metroid (Title Theme)

Minecraft (Sweden)

Minecraft (Key)$ 3,00

Minecraft (Subwoofer Lullaby)$ 5,00

Minecraft (Danny)$ 3,00

Ninja Gaiden (Act 4-2)

Pokemon go (Map Theme) $ 3,00

Punch Out (Fight Theme)

School Days (Akaneiro no Sora)$ 3,00

Shadowgate (Death Theme)$ 3,00

Super Mario Bros (Overworld)

Tetris (Theme A)

The Elder Scrolls III (Morrowind)

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (Ancient Stones)

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (Awake)$ 3,00

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (Lute Music) $ 3,00

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (Sons of Skyrim)

The Last of Us (Main Theme) $ 5,00

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Song of Healing) $5,00

The Witcher 3 (Priscilla’s Song)

The Witcher 3 (Skellige Isle Town) $ 4,00

The Witcher 3 (Kaer Morhen) $ 3,00

The Witcher 3 (Dettlaff’s Music Box)$ 5,00

The Witcher 3 (You’re Immortal)$ 5,00

The Witcher 3 (Silver for Monsters)$ 5,00

Torchlight 2 (Camp Down) $ 5,00

Ultima V (Stones)

Ultima VI (Character Creation) $ 5,00

World of Warcraft (Arthas my son)$ 4,00

World of Warcraft (Pig and Whistle) $5,00

World of Warcraft (Deep Water) $5,00

World of Warcraft (Spirit Stone) $5,00

World of Warcraft (Thunderbrew) $5,00

World of Warcraft (Tarren Mill) $3,00

World of Warcraft (Stone Fire) $5,00

World of Warcraft (Bloodsail) $5,00

Cube World (Title Screen) $5,00

World of Warcraft (Lion’s Pride)

World of Warcraft (Grunts’ Place) $3,00

World of Warcraft (Invincible)$ 4,00

Zelda Ocarina of Time (Songs of Storms)

Zelda Ocarina of Time (Zelda’s Lullaby)

Zelda (Title Theme) $ 5,00

Zelda Twilight Princess (Midna’s Theme)